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If I've been missing in action.

Some things have been really up in my sleeve lately, and I can't believe how fast time flies and its december.

Been neglecting my blog and my shoe site and I'm feeling really guilty about it.
Some of my friends have been asking where have I went.

To readers/customers who have been receiving slow and late replies, I'M REALLY SORRY. :(

I am back for good right now!!

I will be stronger and a better Gracey.

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I haven been here for like the longest time!

Since my last entry, I've been really busy. Busy with work, busy with my thoughts, busy with handling stuffs, busy with being sick, just busy..

A number of things have happened. For the good? For the bad?

I'm still trying to find out that answer.

Standing at crossroads is the hardest thing to do. I wonder is it just me or everyone in life is like that. The choice is there, it's up to you to take it, leave it or walk away.

How does one know is sure that is a correct choice?
How does one know that he/she will not regret the choice in years to come?
How does one know that the other choice is not the correct choice?

I'm speaking in general, not to any specific problem.

How do you know that after graduation, you picked work over furthering studies? What makes you so sure that you won't regret not going back to study in years to come?

When go for an interview and get accepted, what makes you so sure that this is the job that is right for you? How do you weigh the pros and cons? What if the minute you accept a job, and next day, another interviewer calls you with your dream job and pay?

What do we do then?

Follow your heart seems to be the common answer when I posted this topic to my friends.

Follow your heart instead of your head.

The head makes rational decisions, the heart makes decision based on our intuition. So by right, we should follow our heart?

But the heart has no eyes to see. For example: you accept your dream job, and your heart says so. But what if the pay is so shitty you can't even pay for your meals? Your head will definitely agree otherwise because our heads are naturally out there to look out for us based on our past experiences.

Oh God, please give me a sign because I really hate to make decisions.

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Of Clothes, Makeup and Food Reviews

Another week has just passed by like that, and very soon it's going to be end of the year again. Love the festive season at the end of year, Christmas is one of my most favourite days ever.:)

Some random updates that happened in the last week.

Starbucks Lovin '.

Me likes the chit chats we have over coffee. Dreams, inspirations, aspirations, rants, raves, love.

Free samples from thesamplestore.sg!

I'm so going to buy this product - Biore Makeup Remover.

Received two kinds - the bottle and the sheet paper.

Both are so easy to remove. With just a light swipe once and most of the eye makeup is gone.

In 1 - 2 swipes.

Our eye area is so delicate so its best not to keep tugging at the skin near that area. * Is guilty of that * So I like how easy it is to remove the makeup without having to pull the skin at the eye area many many times !

Dinner with the lovely Jojo at Ootoya at Orchard Central.

Nice dinner with lotsa talks. Miss her!! Used to see each other everyday until sianz. Haha. So glad the worse days are over and now when we meet, there's so many things to reminisce and laugh about.

To work the other day.

Love this top! It makes one look less big on the upper frame due to the extra flaps at the bust area.:)

Might be up on Gracey's soon so stay tuned ..... woohoo.

The dress that was in Gracey's in Spree # 11!

One customer commented that it has a 'great fit and good quality'. : D
Will be opening one batch within these few days, so if you're interested in this dress, be sure to order it!!

Till the next time,

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T's AquaLabel Private Party

This entry is like super overdue. *smacks self for being so busy*

Was invited to Tiffy's AquaLabel Private Party on one of the Thursday evenings. Anyway, this whole event was supposed to be a competition with a few rounds and my dear tiffy managed to get into the last round with her own party for her friends/blog readers.

I got Feng Ying to come along with me so I wouldn't feel so lonely. Hehe!

I've been using AquaLabel for almost 1-2 months now, and I'm in love with this product! Anyway, I'm using the blue range at home, so guess my excitement the minute I found out that this party is BLUE too. :D

Let me bring you through what we've learnt during the party. ^^

1) Cleansing Foam

Also known as the 'makeup remover'. This is the first step to great skin!
All impurities must be cleaned away to make way for skincare routine.
Normally cleansing oils are oily, but Aqualabel is not sticky and oily. Within seconds, makeup is removed!

2) Facial Cleanser

AQL's cleanser has exfoliating beads inside. I feel refreshed and skin feels clean after using it.

There's two important alphabets in Aqualabel's range of products.
They're S & R.

S = For Oily/Combination Skin
R = For Dry Skin.

I have combination skin, so S is definitely for me.

3) White Up Lotion (S)

This Lotion is to prepare the skin for the absorption of the other skincare products. Comes in a nice light flowery + alcohol scent. Easy to absorb into skin and not a tinge of stickiness at all!

Skin is ready to absorb other products now. :)

4) Whitening Essence


It makes my skin look radiant after a few usages of it. Totally not sticky at all.
Just 2 pumps of it for the whole face.

5) Mask Sheet

I have yet to try this item (it's still sitting on my table!) so no comments.
But unlike other masks, it has a S-shape for better fit on the face!
Also, it reaches all the way to the eyebag area, so yay to lighter skin under the eyes.

6) White Up Emulsion S

This is my first moisturizer for face and I'm quite happy with it. I woke up to a smoother feeling face and less oily.

7) Night Cream

Perhaps for those who want extra help while their bodies are at sleep? :)

8) Enhancer *STAR PRODUCT*

Probably their most popular item ever and I can totally vouch for that.
I was looking for this enhancer in August at all the Watsons stores that were convenient for me, but was always greeted with an empty rack which was supposed to be the enhancers.

This item can be used with any other skincare product, even if its not from Aqualabel. It locks whatever product that you've just used on your face and makes sure it utilizes its 'full potential'.

If you want to wake up to feell your skin velvety smooth, then you have to get this! Stocks have all arrived in Watsons already.. (me went to spy. :P)

The rest of the products below are for daycare.

9) Sunblock

Two different kinds of sunblock depending on how often you get exposed to the sun.

I was trying the sunblocks during the workshop and am amazed how it is not sticky at all. Most sunblocks I've tried before left a very sticky and oily feeling and I seriously hate that greasy feeling so I gave up on sunblocks altogether.

10) Makeup Base

Preparing your skin for makeup!

The liquid foundation (next step) is easier to apply when you use this product first. :) Gives your skin a more 'even' feel.

10) Liquid/Powder Foundation

I guess I need not explain this part? :)

Once you're done, Ta-dah! Looking all gorgeous and ready to go out!!

Hope everyone has a better idea of the AQL of products after reading this goes after.

After the introduction of the products, tiffy organized us into groups and we played some games, and the winning group gets to win something from her.

No pictures of that, cos me and Feng Ying were so busy trying to solve the puzzle. Hehehe.

Then, we went home with a door gift.

Till the next time,

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Minor Revamp

Spent a few hours yesterday looking at my blog, seeing what to change and what can be improved to make reading easier and a more organized display.

Came out with a few changes.

1) Change of Template

Love this new current template. It looks like a diary, a sketchbook, very artsy-fartsy. Bigger pictures are allowed so it is clearer for everyone.

2) Comments

Previously I had this tagboard for people to comment and I couldn't figure out why my blog wasn't able to comment. If you'd remember, there wasn't a comment box. At first I was thinking, 'where got blog don't have comments one?'. After looking around at my blog settings yesterday, guess what I realized?


So now, friends, you are able to leave comments here at the bottom of every entry! Yay!

You'll see this.

3) LINKS category.

Have updated the links on the top. :)

Do check out the last bullet! Preloved items that I've been wanting to sell off but hadn't had the time to keep posting on the various shopping communities. :(

So hope my updated blog is easier to navigate for all!

Some online buys recently.

A classy piece. Love the pleats and how the dress looks more expensive than it actually is. :)

This is really nice for casual days. Comfy and cooling to the max.
The embroidery details are so pretty!


The other day, I was reading my weekly copy of 8 days and saw this cafe that I felt like trying out, told Gerald and we went the next day for dinner.

Tokyo Deli Cafe, 1st floor of Raffles City. :)

Very French + Japanese style decor.

The food was quite nice, serving kinda small though. Good for days when you don't want to overeat.

We ordered 8 dishes in total. (4 each = $13.80)


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Short entry on the random stuff

Been quite busy at work recently, so not much time to blog!

Life has been quite mundane ever since my birthday ended.

Some random stuff I'm gonna blog today

The boy came back from overseas work trip a few days ago and he gave me these!

AquaLabel products; my favourite skincare products at the moment.

Thanks to the boy for getting me all these! Because some of the products have been oos for months and we've been going to many Watsons' stores in Singapore to find it but to no avail, so he got it for me overseas. Many loves. <3

Love (the boy) and all the products and more on that on my next entry!

Went for an interview last week which was slightly formal so I had to wear a shirt. Got it so last minute because I was informed of the interview the previous day and so I ran to G2000 to get a shirt. :/

Paired with with my VS skirt + nude pointy heels. :)

Was also working that day and so I went back to office after the interview and people said I looked like a teacher. --___--"

Received a very special belated birthday present!

More pictures of the pretty bag when I've decided to bring it out. :)

Recently I've been into the arm weights that we've purchased last week. Every single day I will exercise with it, and when I sweat it out, it feels good!!

Going to blog again soon, now excuse me while I go accompany my weights again...

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21st Birthday Celebration - Actual Day! :)

Went down to 313 Somerset to meet the boy on my actual birthday!

Couldn't decide what to eat but ended up at Kamada Japanese Restaurant since the food was great the first time we were there.

Food still good as always. Their grilled stuff are to-die-for.

Caught the movie 'The Infidel' at cineleisure in the afternoon. Funny show. :)

Saw the toy-catching machine at level 9 after our movie, Gerald decided to give it a go after seeing some cute toys in the machine.

Ended up with this super cute, big and lovely My Melody after 2 wins!!

Thank you thank you. <3

She followed us to shopping/dinner after that.

Gerald tried to give me a surprise on the dinner venue. Couldn't guess what was it until almost the very end, but I still managed to guess it! Muahaha.

Chikuwa Tei at Mohd Sultan! Heard many raves about this place but didn't try before. :)

My Melody has her own seat! And the staffs asked us if she needed a drink too. :p

The sashimi platter and chirashi-don is superbbbb.
When there's quality, the price is grrrrr. :/

Had a great night with all the chats, the crowd (F1 weekend) and everything else. :D

Thanks for making my 21st a very memorable one!!

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21st Birthday Celebration - Marche; 313 Somerset

Last week, I met my stylish fashion ex-classmates for my birthday dinner!

Rainy day, so the cardigan came in handy. :)

We went to Marche for dinner and some catchup session. It's amazing how long we've never seen each other (well, we used to see each other almost 18 hours a day, thanks school.)

Marche's decor is so cute and homely. It was my 1st time dining at the Somerset's branch.

I misssssssed my friends so much. Don't miss school, but miss them hell lots.
Seriously I wouldn't know how would I ever survive this drama without the support of these girls.

It's great to talk about those nightmares and whatever nonsense that had happened. But trust me, even if you pay us a million dollars, none of us want to repeat that 3 years ever again.

Food! (Where's the pizza picture? )

Love the mushrooms, always must order whenever I go to Marche. Same for the calamari and rosti!

After that we headed to Starbucks for lotsa chit-chats, funny/angry/horror stories.

Then it was present time. :)

Thanks girls for the gifts! Hope it didn't take you all too much time to buy and wrap it nicely. :D I appreciate all the handwritten notes & creative packaging!

And see you all soon!

Till the next time,

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21st Birthday Celebration - Waraku Japanese Restaurant; Cuppage Road

My 21st birthday is officially over 2 hours ago and I'm so slow with blogging about celebrations and stuff!!

The 3rd celebration I had was last week at Waraku Japanese Restaurant with my sweeeeeetest colleagues! Some are present, some are old colleagues and some are ex colleagues. Nevertheless, I'm glad almost all of them could come and had this meaningful celebration with me. :)

We arrived at the place at 8.30pm sharp waiting for the rest.

Booked seating for 20 pax! I think we gave the service staff a big headache. Heehee.

And soon, my friends arrived one after another...

No pictures of the dinner because there was just too much food, and the table was quiteeeeee longgggggg I had to talk quite loudly to reach the other end.

I was in the washroom before most of my friends arrived, and when I came back I heard from Gerald that there's a big cake!

Thanks to Waraku staff for letting us cut the cake there using their plates and such, and even letting us sit there when its near their closing time.

Happy birthday song!

I got Jolin to sit with me as we share the same birthday date!

I love love love love the cake!! It was designed, ordered and brought all the way from Malaysia. Thanks to L.. :)

2 kg is no joke! Had to tabao-ed some home for my family.

Group picture before the night ended. :) Picked the fun picture instead of the formal because everyone's looking soooo cute and happy!

Thanks guys and girls!! That day really felt like my real birthday and I really enjoyed it. <3

Till the next time,

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21st Birthday Celebration - Magaritas; Dempsey Road

2nd celebration was with my lovely girls on a Thursday evening. So sweet of them to make time for me even though some of them are really busy!
It was a great catchup session with them. :)

Met up with JY & Candice first before we took cab to Dempsey!


I've not tried Mexican food in my life before, and Magaritas got me hooked!

The food is so nice!! And the shrimps are so succulent and tasty, I will definitely go back there again.

More pictures together. :)

Clothes, work, beauty products, accessories... I think we girls can talk about everything and anything!

Then we headed opposite for some ice cream and sweeet stuffs to end the night.

Thanks babes for celebrating my 21st! <3

Till the next time,

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